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28 years, 78 million trees

Those numbers mean a lot to us. We believe that supplying a product goes further than the transaction that takes place upon purchase. We pride ourselves on making sure that every client has our full depth of knowledge and resources at their fingertips, giving them peace of mind in knowing that their project will be a success.

We produce and supply a broad range of tree nursery products and services to a wide variety of clientele, from private use, government and environmental groups to commercial developers. We have also worked closely alongside local Iwi on the restoration and development of New Zealand’s native forest and bush land. The quality of our trees comes down to years of research and experimentation. We are constantly working on developing new methods and techniques to create superior trees.


Our Clients

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Our Values

Quality: We have meticulously designed a system where the highest quality trees are nurtured and delivered to our clients. 

Care: We extend our awareness beyond production and into the realm of environmental impact and sustainability. 

Trust: We work tirelessly to maintain and develop our client relationship based on our common goals of reliability, quality of product and communication. 

Our People


jonathan sudano

A veteran of the tree game. Jonny has been staring the ship since Tree Nursery NZ’s inception in the early 90’s. His in depth understanding of the industry covers everything from seed to harvest. When he’s not designing bespoke machinery or complex systems for the nursery he can be found distilling internationally awarded craft spirits for his side project Shaky Isles Distilling.


Sharky winakere

Before joining the nursery team 10 years ago, Sharky managed planting & harvesting crews throughout the North Island. This has proven to an invaluable education when it comes to supplying trees, as she understands the process on both sides of the coin. Sharp witted, organised and charismatic, she is the perfect conduit between the nursery and its clientele.